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Moringa Oleifera Extract

Moringa Oleifera Extract

Moringa Oleifera Extract

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  • Botanical Name: Moringa Oleifera
  • Product Code: HV-HPE-26
  • Aroma: Characteristic odour
  • Plant Part: Leaves
  • Colour: Brown colored powder
  • Production method: Solvent Extraction
  • Application: Medicinal, Pharmaceutical, Health Supplement
  • Available: Yes

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Moringa Leaf Extract Powder


Moringa oleifera is the most widely cultivated species of the genus Moringa, which is the only genus in the family Moringaceae. It is a fast-growing, drought-resistant tree, native to the southern foothills of the Himalayas in northwestern India, and widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical areas where its young seed pods and leaves are used as vegetables.


  • Botanical Name : Moringa Oleifera
  • Family : Moringaceae
  • Common Name : Horseradish Tree, Drumstick Tree
  • Standardized For : Saponins 10%
  • Description : Brown colored powder 
  • Plant part used : Leaves
  • Applications: Anti-oxidant & nutritive


Uses & Benefits:

  • It is used to treat migraine, epilepsy, chronic depression and neuronal cell death.
  • It is used to treat Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease.
  • It is useful in colic, flatulence, diarrhoea, vesical and renal calculi.
  • It is also used in fever, inflammations, amenorrhoea and dysmenorrhoea.
  • It is also used in cough, cold and eye diseases.
  • It acts as potent antitubercular and used to cure liver diseases. 
  • It accelerates the heart beats and constrict the blood vessels.
  • It inhibits the tone and movements of involuntary movements of the gastrointestinal tract.

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