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Black Pepper Oleoresins

Black Pepper Oleoresins

Black Pepper Oleoresins

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  • Botanical Name: Piper nigrum
  • Product Code: HV-SO-04
  • Aroma: Pungent slightly biting aroma of Black Pepper
  • Plant Part: Dried Fruits
  • Colour: Yellowish brown viscous liquid
  • Production method: Solvent Extraction
  • Application: Medicinal, Health Supplement, Flavoring
  • Available: Yes

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Black Pepper Oleoresin 

Botanical Name: Piper nigrum
Flavour: A spicy mild bitter flavour 
Solubility: Soluble in water, insoluble in oil
Plant Parts Used: Dried Fruits
Extraction Method: Solvent Extraction
Color & Odor: Yellowish brown viscous liquid with pungent slightly biting aroma of Black Pepper
Shelf Life: 18-20 months under the specified storage conditions.


Oleoresin of black pepper is a kind of spice oleoresin. It is prepared through solvent extraction method, alcohol extraction method or by using super critical fluid extraction process on dried berries of peppercorns fruits of organic Pepper nigrum Linn vine, which is a member of Piperaceae family.


Limonene, Pinene, Myrcene, Phellandrene

Uses & Benefits:

Black pepper oleoresin is widely used in food industry as a coloring and flavoring agent. The oleresins represent complete spice flavor whereas essential oils only the aroma.

Black pepper oleoresins is also noted forreducing stomach aches, muscles aches and pains and also assists in getting relieffrom intestinal gastric disorders.

Oleoresins of pepper are anti-inflammatory and insecticidal. They act as central nervous system depressant and also repress fever and pains


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