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About Herbs Village

Know the villagers of the ‘Herbs Village’!

What’s in there to know about us?

Thank you for visiting our world of Natural Herbs, Herbal Extracts (both powders and liquids) and Aromatic Oils (as in Essential Oils Carrier Oils, Absolute Oils, Spice Oils, Hydrosols & other allied products). We are glad to be at your service!

Before we move into a ‘meaningful’ professional association, here’s a brief introduction of the ‘Villagers’ @ your service.

‘Herbs Village’ was founded not long ago, however the professional vintage in terms of knowledge of ‘Nature’ as a whole, its ‘Gifts’ to the human race and the business know-how braced with a true ‘Passion’ for natural elements/products needs some mentioning.

The ‘Villagers-in-chief’ duo of not only age-old chums, their untold ‘Passion’ for understanding the depth of Nature and natural resources always ‘held’ themtogether. While one‘Villager’ runs numerous other small businesses of natural cosmetics, food & beverages etc. besides spending quite a bit of time on books, magazines, journals related to Nature and Her resources -a subject so close to his heart. His penchant for beginning a business of natural products sprouted thus. The other ‘Villager’ on the other hand, began his first job in the industry of essential oils and other allied products. As a lover of ‘Nature’, he fell in love with the job (read the nature of his work)! His job description was that of maintaining ‘Customer Relationships’ by the virtue of such relationships being created over a period of time through the exchange of several e-mails for fulfilling the needs and wants of essential oils, carrier oils, attars, absolute oils and many such allied products. This lad made sure that he welcomed every opportunity of learning the art of this trade (business) with open mind and heart. The faces of his employers changed but never that of his ‘true-found-love’. It has been almost nine years since he got ‘married’ to the job!With the personal friendship getting further cemented, these two ‘Villager Friends’ have taken a step further, by signing across the dotted line! (as in the formation of the relevant business company)

What’s in a ‘Name’ – The Herbs Village?

Both Sunny and Paddy might be the modern day dudes, however when it comes to their nativity, both are simpleton villagers. They have a huge parental inheritance in the form of green and fertile land and it is due to their passionate love for ‘Nature’, they declined every offer of purchase. One could never imagine the same land being used one day for the purposes of irrigating the best and suitable plants that would enable manufacturing the natural extracts, natural oils, natural herbs and so many natural resources of the same kind. While the passion and love were construing their own ‘potions’ through these natural resources, both Sunny and Paddy wanted to contribute to this world and society through spreading the awareness of natural goodness, wellness and healing – their advantages and benefits. What more, the world’s choice for natural products originating from purest of soil and through religiously ‘organic’ manufacturing processes and methods - had to be met with! Not only this, the engagement of duly trained and ‘aware’ farmers also supported the Honourable Indian Government’s support programmes aimed at improving lifestyles of the urban villagers and especially farmers. Growing organic resources meant a lot of extra efforts besides a lot more of expenses in terms of costs of procurement, equipment and not to forget the ‘training & awareness’ costs. As the business programme was planned, set up and then launched, lot of other factors like preservation of greenery, soil and land preservation and factors influencing the pollution control initiatives of the State and Country, came into picture. The local and State authorities were happy to note the overall business motto of the duo and hence obtaining the permissions and required licenses became somewhat easier and less time consuming.

Hence, this ‘Green World’ developed by the dreaming dudes, is a place smaller than a world yet it imbibes all such factors that makes a small ‘Village’. A village which brings to you, a plethora of 100% pure and all ‘Natural’ Goodness contained in small or medium sized vials. All the natural herbal products, natural extracts (both in powdered and liquid forms), natural handmade soaps, herbal colours, natural cosmetic products, natural fragrance oils, absolute oils, essential oils, carrier oils, spice oils, hydrosols, floral waters, oil blends and many such allied products are subjected to religious verification for their natural content and it is absolutely made sure that none of the ‘Herbs Village’ product contain any chemicals, pesticides, preservatives and/or parabens (wherever applicable). Periodic inspection of the irrigation land, the works facility, the manufacturing processes and methods and of course the upgradable information needs is way of life at ‘Herbs Village’.

Come, embrace the Natural Goodness of Nature’s Gifts to us! Become a ‘VILLAGER’ with us!!


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