Natural Herbal Colours

The Herbs Village range of Natural Herbal Colour products depict the freshness, goodness and purity packaged in small vials. These colours are far from toxins, allergens or preservatives, given their naturalness and purity standards. All products are derived from their very ‘basic’ resources. For an example the ‘exquisite’ Yellow comes from the purest Turmeric, ‘sunset’ Orange comes from Paprika and the Cranberry Fruit fiber colour will carry the very ‘base’ colour of select & handpicked Cranberries. The ‘charming’ Green colour in our range comes from top quality crushed Oat straws.

We, the ‘Villagers’ of Herbs Village always make sure of only 100% natural and all pure range of Herbal colours reaching your closet. These colours can be put to numerous uses as in Natural makeup, coloring and flavoring of foods delicacies, beverages, bakery products and even some pop-alcoholic products. One can put the combination of colours like Hina, Shikakai and Alkanet root paste to colour hair as well. We have fabulous quality colours like Brown Black, Natural Brown, Burgundy etc. for hair colouring purposes, without being hassled about the purity of our such products. Not only such herbal colours will add colour to your hair, but also enhance your personality details. As a company policy, all product ingredients are nothing but 100% natural. All products come with ‘Manufacturing’ and ‘Use by’ dates. The Herbs’ Village range of 100% pure and all Natural Herbal Colours are cruelty-free and are never treated with any pesticides and/or preservatives.

Kindly ask for the product relevant technical information documents, which are available on request to know more.