Can the Essential Oils Cure Your High Blood Pressure Problem?

Natural essential oil can be beneficial to health and wellness, but it is somewhat complicated when it comes to high blood pressure. Here in this article we will have a look at the effect of essential oils on the people having high blood pressure ailment.

High blood pressure and essential oils

Natural essential oil and their aromas are thought to offer a health and wellness benefit. Some of them might be used for lowering the blood pressure. A recent research suggests that use of essential oils may reduce blood pressure by inhaling their fragrances.

When the blood pressure flowing through your arteries is too high, high blood pressure (hypertension) occurs. High blood pressure, if left untreated, can damage your arteries and cause heart attack, stroke, and vision problems.

First-line treatments for high blood pressure typically involves the change in lifestyle such as a low-salt diet, workouts, moderate alcohol use and learning to cope with stress. Most people also need medication to reach normal numbers and reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke and other problems.

Essential oils to reduce stress

Stress can directly and indirectly affect your blood pressure, and essential oils can reduce your stress levels by using aromatherapy. Stress may lead to the high blood pressure and other allied problems. This may also lead to over-eating and unhealthy choices, like drinking and smoking too much, which increase blood pressure.

Blood pressure reduction through essential oils

There is some evidence that key Essential oils for health, such as ginger, black pepper and turmeric, can help reduce blood pressure by widening or decreasing inflammation of the arteries. Also the essential oils can help lower blood pressure by activating a parasympathetic response to nervous systems. The ylang-ylang, bergamot, lavender and rose essential oils are some of the oils that are very useful in lowering the blood pressure.

Best method for using essential oils

An inhaler, is the best way to use Essential oil for health. Put essential oil drops on a cotton ball or pad and inhale when you don’t have an inhaler. An essential oil diffuser, utilizing a mixture of essential oil and water, can then be used and released via the air.

The lotion or massage oil may be accompanied by drops of essential oils that can be applied on the skin. It is also possible to reduce stress and subsequently blood pressure by using essential oil, with other complementary methods such as massage, meditation, and music.

Essential oils can be highly concentrated, with some may even be toxic. When you plan to use these oils on skin, dilute the oils in order to avoid irritation of skin or any other problems.
Side effects of essential oils

The safety and adverse effects of essential oils may vary between people. As already mentioned, inhalation of the aroma is the safest way to use essential oils. Headache, cough, shortness of breath, nausea and blurring of the eyes are side effects associated with this use. But these effects usually go away once you can’t smell the scent anymore.


Natural essential oil are relatively safe and can help reduce stress by themselves or with other relaxation methods. This can reduce the high blood pressure problems. If you have a high blood pressure, you should accompany aromatherapy with healthy cardiac diet, regular exercise and meditation.

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