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Avacado Carrier Oil

Avacado Carrier Oil

Avacado Carrier Oil

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  • Botanical Name: Persea Americana
  • Product Code: HV-CO-05
  • Aroma: Characteristic odor of the parent fruit
  • Plant Part: Fruit
  • Colour: Pale yellow
  • Production method: Cold Pressed
  • Application: Food & culinary, medicines & pharma, cosmetics & spa, flavour & fragrances, aromatherapy
  • Available: Yes

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Avocado Carrier Oil 

Botanical Name: Persea Americana
Common Name: Avocado Oil
CAS #:  08024-32-6
Plant Parts Used: Fruit
Extraction Method: Cold pressed method
Color & Odor: Pale yellow to golden yellow liquid with characterstics fatty aroma

Description :

Avacado Oil is a carrier oil which is extracted by cold pressing process from the fruit of Persea Americana plant. Avocado is noted as the oil enriched with vitamins and minerals for skin and hair.

Blends With:

Every kind of body massage oil


Oleic acid, linoleic acid, stearic

Uses & Benefits:

  • Avacado oil is very high quality oil and has acidity of extremely low level and its oxidation products are enriched with Vitamin E content. Avocado oil has great resemblance with Olive oil. The yellowish colored Avacado oil is pure, natural and organic.
  • Avocado oil is rich in saturated fats and sugars and is free from cholesterol. Thus, this edible oil helps in lowering of cholesterol level and also helps in controlling coronary heart diseases, diabetes and prostrate problems.
  • Avocado oil constitutes good chemical composition of sterolins, tocopherols and tocotrienols which help in the repair of skin,heals sunburns and scars, and also assist to provide good complexion. Avocado oil is a pack of emollient properties which make it ideal for skin care.
  • Avocado oil is used in consumption and also used for treating various skin problems. It is also noted for treating eczema,psoriasis and helps in moisturizing of dry and itchy skin.

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