How to choose best Carrier Oils for your Skin?

It is easy to get shining and radiant skin, provided we understand the usage of various oils available for Skin Care. In this article, we are going to have a look at some important Carrier Oils that are useful in having healthy skin. We will also see how to choose the best carrier oil for you.

Carrier Oil

A carrier oil is generally an oil, which is plant –based and is extracted from the nut or seeds of the plants. These oils are used to heal and moisturize the skin. These carrier oils can be used alone or can be combined with other oils to strengthen the condition of your skin. Many a times, different Natural essential oils are added to the carrier oils to provide required therapeutic effects. These carrier oils can keep your face hydrated and your face feels glowing on applying these.

Some of the best Carrier Oils are discussed below:

1) Jajoba Oil
2) Rose Hip Seed Oil
3) Argan Oil
4) Tamanu Oil
5) Evening Prime Rose Oil

The above are the important carrier oils, which are very useful for healthy conditions of the skin. Now we will have a look in detail, how to select the best Carrier Oils.

How to choose the carrier oil?

One can start by taking the base of Jojoba Oil and can add some Natural Essential Oil to it. In case if you have dry skin, you can choose to add the Argan and Rose Hip Seed Oils. In case you have a skin, which is acne-prone, you can have a combination of tamanu and Jajoba oil. If you have a skin type which is a combination of above types, try using the jojoba and Argan Oil.

It is important to know what works best for your skin and then based on it, selecting the correct combination. A little hit and trial as well as a little experimentation is required to know what suits your skin the best. In case you are new, try using 80% of jojoba Oil and 20 % of any other oil that you feel will have good effects on your skin. The ratio of the two oils can also be selected based on the specific skin type of yours. More than one types of carrier oil can be combined together to have better effects on the skin. You can have multiple characteristics of nourishment by combining several essential oils.


Thus, we have seen the key details related to carrier oils and their selection. It is recommended that the oil you use should be of high quality. When these essential oils and carrier oils combination are applied on your skin, they are absorbed in your blood stream. Hence it is recommended to use pure and high quality oils for you. The best forms of oils are pure and unrefined oils and they have no extra additives. There are many Essential Oils for Skin which can be combined with the carrier oils for best results.

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