How To Use Argan Essential Oil For Your Hair & Skin!

There are numerous people around who keep on looking for new and beneficial products to add to their health routines. If you are one of such people, then argan oil can be a new product for you. As Argan oil has tremendous benefits, everyday a lot of people search for them and place orders online and offline. To buy the best and 100% pure and natural argan essential oil, Herbs Village can be your all-time online selling partner.

Now, discussing the best ways to use natural argan essential oil for the well-being of your skin, hair and nails.

Using Natural Argan Oil For Hair

Moisturising Hair –  Applying natural argan oil in a rich amount on your scalp to hair ends, you can moisturise them to look attractive. For the best results, after applying this oil, wrap your head with all hair up with a towel or shower cap and then, leave it overnight. In the morning, wash your head and flaunt your smooth and shiny hair.

No Frizz Solution –  By applying only a few drops of argan oil combining them with essential oils, you can give your dry hair a great hair treatment. Having this solution in hands, you should rub it all over your hair to make them frizz free and shiny.

Treatment For Dry & Itchy Scalp – If you suffer from an itchy scalp or no other hair solution is working well for your dry scalp, then try out natural argan oil this time. For this purpose, have some quality amount of this oil in your scalp and then, slowly massage your head with fingers for some time. Leave the scalp as it is for around half an hour and then, wash thoroughly. It will give you a great relief from itchiness and dryness.

Conditioner – You must be surprised to know but it is true that argan oil gives great results if used as the conditioner on your hair. For the best result, you just need to apply it immediately after having a head bath or hair wash.

Natural Argan Oil For Skin

1.      Moisturiser – Applying only one or two drops of this oil on your face is enough to moisturise your face skin. Before you apply makeup over, let this oil soak in for some time. If there is some excess oil appearing on your face, dab it gently with a paper towel.

2.      Lip Scrub –  Add few drops of this oil in brown or white sugar and then, properly mix them to make a smooth paste. This paste is wonderful to be applied on dry and chapped lips.

3.     Solution For Cracked Heels  –  If your heels have some cracks that make you feel trouble while walking then, use argan oil to smooth them. For the best results, apply this oil on your heels before you go to sleep and after applying wear socks. In the morning, you will find your heels are so soft and crack free.

So, these are some amazing usages of argan oil that you must try on. But to get the best advantage of this magical oil makes sure to buy from a trustworthy seller like Herbs Village that is a reputed wholesale supplier of essential oil in India.

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