Shilajit Extract Powder 50% fulvic Acid


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Shilajit Extract Powder (Fulvic Acid 50%)




Shilajit in Sanskrit means “conqueror of mountains & destroyer of weakness”. It comes from the rocks in the lower Himalayas and is the most important natural remedy of Ayurvedic medicine. The active principle of Shilajit is fulvic acid.


Uses & Benifits:


    • Facilitates brain function
    • Contains fulvic and humic Acids
    • Helps bones to heal
    • Strengthen immune system
    • Stabilize blood sugar
    • Increase libido and sexual function by increasing nitric oxide production
    • Contains at least 85 minerals in ionic form
    • Decrease pain and helps injuries
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Strengthens nervous system
    • Assists ability to focus
    • Purifies blood
    • Liver and kidney detoxification
    • Increase strength and endurance
    • Supports metabolism and weight managment
    • Mitigates effects of fatigue by supporting mitochondria and increasing ATP
    • Helps lower cholesterol and triglycerides


Product Specifications:


    • Product Name: Shilajit Extract powder
    • Botanical Name : Asphaltum
    • Common Name : Shilajit, Mineral Pitch, Asphlat
    • Source : Stone
    • Description : Brown colored powder having characteristic odor and taste
    • Specification : Fluvic acid 50%
    • Indentification : Positive for fluvic acid
    • Loss on drying : NMT 5%
    • Heavy Metals : NMT 10 ppm


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Shilajit Extract Powder 50% fulvic Acid
Shilajit Extract Powder 50% fulvic Acid