Terminalia Arjuna Extract Powder


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Terminalia Arjuna Extract




The arjuna is about 20–25 metres tall; usually has a buttressed trunk, and forms a wide canopy at the crown, from which branches drop downwards. It has oblong, conical leaves which are green on the top and brown below; smooth, grey bark. The arjuna is usually found growing on river banks or near dry river beds in Bangladesh, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengaland south and central India.




    • Botanical Name : Terminalia Arjuna
    • Family : Combretaceae
    • Standardized For : 0. 5% arjunolic acid by TLC
    • Description : Redish Brown Powder
    • Plant Part Used : Bark


Uses & Benefits:


    • Arjuna Extract increases HDL cholesterol and decreases the LDL cholesterol.
    • It is significantly active against the human oral, ovarian and liver cancer cell lines.
    • It is a free radical scavenger and inhibitor for the hypochlorous acid production.
    • It significantly inhibits the growth of bacteria.
    • It prevents heart attack, skin diseases and urinary infection.
    • It acts against cirrohsis of liver and also acts as a diuretic.
    • It strengthens the heart muscles and maintains the heart functioning properly.
    • It is used as expectorant, aphrodisiac, tonic and diuretic.
    • It acts against oedema and also fights against skin aliments like acne.



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Terminalia Arjuna Extract Powder
Terminalia Arjuna Extract Powder