The Importance Of Indian Ayurveda Herbs In Our Life

Ayurveda, the most ancient of medicine of India that, dates back to more than 5000 years ago. It has been used by numerous people for healing numerous amounts of diseases. The word Ayurveda is derived from a pair of Sanskrit words, i.e., Ayu, which means lifespan and Veda, which means the science of life. The birthplace of Ayurveda is in the ancient land of India. The saints and the sages of India are the inventors of this medicine. The three Vedas of India is said to be written on the usage of various herbs to cure some illness. Natural Ayurveda is the home to the most advanced herbal systems of the world. Each of the herbs that are used in Ayurveda has numerous benefits for the body, mind and the soul. These herbs can be used internally or externally and can even be used in aromatherapy. From enhancing the beauty of the skin to triggering weight loss, these herbs can be used in multiple ways for multiple benefits. So, here are the top herbs which you should consider introducing in your daily life. All of these herbs can be easily grown and harvested in the yards of your home.

1. Ashwagandha:        This herb has got the best anti-aging solution that you won’t even get in the modern age cosmetic creams. This is one of the best herbs for people who are suffering from an excessive amount of stress or are overworking which is having a direct effect on their body. The best way to take this herb is by adding ½ teaspoon of it into milk. You can even add a teaspoon of honey to adding a little bit of sweetness to its flavor.

2. Brahmi:           it is one of the best herbs for your brain and nervous system. It helps in balancing the left and right hemisphere of the brain. Brahmi helps in removing blockages and toxins from the nervous system. It also helps in curing depression, improves memory and enhances the intelligence and concentration power of a human being. It is also a great medicine for hair regrowth. The best way to consume it is by boiling it in water or milk and drinking it directly.

3. Ajwain:           It is one of the best medicines for weight loss and improving your digestion. It draws out the deeply settled toxins and also helps in improving joint pain. It can be consumed as a tea or by chewing it directly.

4. Neem:           It is one of the best herbs that you can use for keeping skin diseases at bay. It is one of the most powerful blood purifiers that you can get for yourself. It is one of the best diseased for treating skin diseases such as acne, wound healing and damaged skin. It is useful for muscle pain and joint pain.

Herbs have been used in India for thousand years, and people have recovered from various diseases and other health condition by using these natural herbs in their daily life. Consider making them a part of your life and witness the improvement of your health, mind, and soul. After all, it all started from nature.

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