The Top Immunity Boosting Herbs to Beat COVID-19

Are you on the lookout to boost your immunity against COVID-19? Note that if you have a strong immune system, you can successfully fend off COVID-19. To be precise, you just cannot build your immunity within a single day. It takes time to build your immune system gradually.

natural ayurvedic herbs

With the help of balanced diet and plenty of exercises, you can keep your immune system in top-notch condition. You should always remember that there are various types of natural ingredients with the help of which you can boost your immunity. So here is the list of some of the herbs and spices which can improve your immune system effectively.


Ginger is quite popular for its antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. What’s more, it has been used extensively to cure cold and coughs along with asthma and nausea. You can consume ginger as ginger tea that is quite flavorsome. What’s more, powdered ginger along with cloves and cardamom has been used extensively for digestive ailments since ancient times.


Holy Basil, also known as Tulsi, is one of those herbs which are rich in phytonutrients. It is also quite rich in Eugenol that can cure inflammation and fights against microbes. Eugenol is a bio-active compound that can create wonders in your immune system if taken in the right quantities. You can take basil leaves in combination with honey to counter symptoms of cold and cough. You can also include basil leaves in your tea to cure common problems like sore throat and cold.


Garlic is also one of those herbs that are quite popular in the ancient history. Due to its potent anti-oxidant properties, it can effectively reduce stress and high blood pressure. What’s more, it also helps in enhancing the thiamine absorption in human body. Note that it is always best to crush or chop garlic before consuming it. This is because garlic becomes potent when it comes in contact with oxygen.


In case you don’t know, turmeric contains a bioactive compound called curcumin. Curcumin acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and is commonly used in Indian food dishes. You can consume turmeric with ginger, Tulsi and a bit of honey to boost your immunity system. Turmeric is also a great pain reliever. Turmeric paste can effectively cure swelling and alleviates pain from the affected area.

Black Cumin

Extracts of the Black Cumin can keep you safe from a wide range of bacteria and viruses which attack your immune system. Moreover, the oil and cumin seeds also act as antioxidants. With the help of these antioxidants, black cumin can flush out the free radicals from your body.

Well, there is no single food that can help boost your immunity. You should always opt for a balanced diet that would help in maintaining the proper immunity level. Along with these foods, you have to exercise on a regular basis to keep your body fit. Also, drinking plenty of water can flush out the toxins which are really great.

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