Can Essential Oils prove effective in curing different ailments and diseases?

Essential oils are usually considered as the concentrated extracts made out of different plants. These essential oils find their usage in naturopathy and aromatherapy. The essential oils have great applications in the health care domain. Many ailments can be cured by the usage of these natural essential oils. Here, in this article, we will have a look at the key usage of natural essential oils in the health care domain.

Natural Essential Oils

Essential oils are the oil that is extracted from different parts of the plants. Water distillation and Cold pressing are the two distinct ways that are used to make these natural essential oils. The liquid extracts of plants having beneficial properties are usually termed as essential oils. The processes mentioned above are used to extract the useful compounds out of these plants.

Application of Natural essential oils in Healthcare domain

Some of the common applications of Natural essential oils for curing disease and ailments are mentioned below:

  1. A wide range of products including the cosmetic and makeup products are made from these essential oils. Different perfumes, creams and body-washes are made up of these essential oils to cure the problems related to skin. Many skin diseases can be effectively cured by some of these essential oils.
  2. The natural essential oils find its application in Aromatherapy which is used to cure many potential ailments in human. Mental and physical wellbeing can be easily achieved by the practice of aromatherapy. Ailments like Congestion and shortness of breath can be treated by the application of natural essential oils through aromatherapy.
  3. A wide range of physical as well as mental conditions can be treated by Natural essential oils. These conditions include infections, burns, high blood pressure, depression and insomnia. All these ailments can be effectively treated by the use of natural essential oils on a regular basis.
  4. Stress, anxiety and other psychological conditions can be effectively treated as well by these natural essential oils.
  5. The skin and hair conditions can be improved by the application of these oils. The problems and ailments related to the skin and hair can also be adequately treated by these oils.
  6. Many medicines, herbal products and other Aurvedic treatments are using these essential oils in curing of different diseases. In fact these essential oils can be considered as boon to the human health and its contribution to the healthcare domain is of prime importance.


Thus, we have seen in detail, what are essential oils and what are different methods to make these essential oils. We have also seen benefits of these essential oils, especially for the healthcare domain. More and more research is going on to find the applications of these oils to treat various diseases. You can also try out these essential oils based on recommendations of some good doctor and practitioner who know well about the science of natural essential oils.

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