How the Organic Essential Oils can prove useful in Spa and Massage Therapy?

People are aware of the aromatherapy and use of essential oils in treating various ailments that exist in human beings. The organic essential oils are used for various purpose and one among them is the SPA and Massage therapy. The organic essential oils have inherent fragrance in them, which is very useful for the physical and mental wellbeing of humans. In this article we are going to have a look at the organic essential oils which are best for the purpose of Spa and Massage therapy.

4 Best Essential Oils that are used for Spa and Massage

Many essential oils are used in the massage therapy and different massage oils are blended to get the desired results. Some of the best organic essential oils for the massage purpose are the following:

  1. Frankincense Essential Oil

This oil has specific properties, which are good for Spa and Massage. From the historic times this oil has been used for the purpose of relaxation and grounding. This oil has a very good aroma that can be enjoyed and also this oil can be mixed with lavender for enhanced results. In case you are not feeling good, this oil can help you in deepening the breaths and soothing the cough. The oil has antidepressant and anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it best oil for treating various ailments. The massage with this oil will help you to get rid of stress and anxiety.

2) Geranium Essential Oil

The Geranium essential oil is extracted from the flowers and has very relaxing effect on the body. Your body will completely rejuvenate on the application of this essential oil. When you have a massage with this oil, the complex fragrance of this oil will relax you completely and you will find yourself in a different world. This oil is used in medicine field to improve the blood circulation and to treat various disorders of the nervous system. This oil can give your body a better and toned look due to its inherent properties. The menstrual and menopausal problems in females can be effectively treated by the use of this organic essential oil.

3) Lavender Essential Oil

This essential oil is one of the most popular essential oils that exist. This is due to the sweet and fresh aroma of this essential oil which provides you a very soothing atmosphere. This oil has many different benefits and has the properties which makes it do what the body needs. Your body can adapt to the stress by the proper use of this essential oil. The stamina and energy levels in the body can also be escalated by this oil. You will be able to get a good sleep on the application of Lavender Oil.

4) Coriander Essential Oil

The Coriander Essential Oil is a warm and sweet essential oil that is extracted from the Cilantro Plant. This oil too has a great soothing and relaxing effect on humans. The digestive systems in humans is favourably affected by it. The blood circulation can also be enhanced by this oil and it cures many other ailments in humans that are related to poor blood circulation. The cramps can also be treated effectively by the use of it.

Thus, we have seen in detail, the major essential oils which are best for the Spa and Massage purpose. You can also try out these organic essential oils and feel the difference yourself.

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