Difference between Rose Otto and Rose Absolute Oil

Rose essential oil has great healing and wellness advantages. It may help alleviate stress and anxiety effects, reduce menstrual cramps, suitable for a wide variety of applications and have a beautiful aroma. However, you will have noticed several different products in the market if you have browsed for some essential rose oil! The fact that oil is labelled as essential oils, fragrance oils and absolutely oils can make this a little confusing. The various types of oil, as we are going to discuss, are subtly different.

Rose Essential oil

Rose otto essential oil or rose essential oil as it is known, is one of the rare essential oils in the market and is actually quite difficult to find. The primary reason is the process and the high quantity of roses needed to produce only a small bottle of rose oil. Indeed, a simple ounce of rose oil takes tens of thousands of rose flowers to make.

Rose Essential Oil (Rose Otto)

This oil has many healing properties, especially for skin care, and is used for relaxing and balancing effects in aromatherapy. You can make topical mixtures to reduce rosacea and dry skin and reduce the aging effects. In fact, many cosmetic products contain it as an ingredient if you look at some famous products. It also works extremely well for the relief of anxiety, stress, depression and hormones. So an essential oil can help improve mood and mental health in your diffuser while relaxing.

Absolute Rose Oil

Rose Floral Absolute Oil

Rose absolute essential oil is made from otto essential oils by a different procedure. While essential oils usually use a steam process and retain the healing properties of the plant. Absolutes use solvent extraction and lose certain or all properties of healing and wellness. Rose absolute oil is still used for wellness but not as strong as otto oil.

The problem with absolute oils is that they are different from brand to brand in terms of dilution and quality and contain many synthetic ingredients. Often the absolute oils smell much more like the plant than the basic oil. The reason is that the manufacturer can make the product look like a sweet smell rose with synthetic smells.

I should use absolute oil or essential oil?

As compared to the absolute oils, it is recommended to use essential oils. As explained above, the healing and wellness properties of the essential oils are derived from the plants and herbs. They should be 100 percent pure therapeutic grade if you buy from a good brand. That means that there are no added chemicals that often cause skin sensitivity or allergic reactions. Absolute oils still need to be carefully handled and can be healthy. However, they should never be used for internal use. They should be used for external purpose only.

Thus, we have seen in detail, the key differences between Rose absolute essential oil and Rose otto essential oil. You should carefully research about these essential oils before using any one out of these.

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