Key benefits of Blue lotus absolute essential oil

Since the time of the ancient Egyptians, the Lotus flower was a sign of sensuality and spirituality and was used to produce Lotus Oil. The Lotus is represented by Egyptian paintings, as a sacred and magical flower. The Blue Lotus has historically been found in India, also, where it is associated as a hypnotic and ethereal tonic with Krishna mythology.

Blue Lotus Floral Absolute Oil

The process by which an absolute is extracted is different from a normal essential oil. Some flowers are too delicate to be distilled by steam because intense heat destroys the petals. One of those flowers is the lotus, which is extracted by a process of extraction of solvents that use no heat or water.

A comprehensive solvent extraction process of blue lotus flowers results in premium quality blue lotus absolute essential oil. In the past, this flower has been used as the symbol of purity for prayer. The fifth chakra is also supposed to be associated. Blue lotus oil is known today for its powerful therapeutic characteristics and its capacity to stimulate sexual desires. It is also highly sought after in aromatherapy for its intense sweet fragrance.

Uses of Blue Lotus Absolute essential Oil

The Blue Lotus absolute essential oil is commonly used with massage oils. It is also excellent for aromatherapy use.

Sexual Problems: Blue lotus absolute works effectively in dealing with temporary sex problems like lack of sexual desire, premature ejaculation (premature ejaculation), erectile dysfunction, coldness and many more. Moreover, it invokes the sensation of euphoria, ecstasy and comfort.

Perfume: used to make high-quality perfumes, exotic fragrances, room refreshers, scented candles, deodorant and other perfuming products as an active ingredient.

Aromatherapy: The Blue Lotus Oil is widely preferred to provide immense relief from acute stress, mental fatigue, annoyance, anxiety, etc.

Production Process

The solvent extraction method is used to extract the delicate smell of flowers. In the production process, the mass becomes viscous and dense after the solvent passes through the newly collected flowers. The mix is subsequently purified and all solvents are evaporated. There are no traces of solvents in the highest quality absolute oils, so that the purest absolute oil with the highest therapeutic characteristics is produced. It can become viscous when stored at room temperature, but when touching hands, Blue Lotus Absolute oil becomes liquid.

Those who have never smelled real lotus, this Absolute oil renders a sweet and pleasant smell, but efforts and time are necessary to understand this absolute oil completely. The fragrance is very different and is something difficult to compare. Poetically, the aroma of birth and death could be connected with it, which links a soft flavour with fresh earthly greenery, fruitful water and mystic fragrance.

Thus, we have seen in detail, the key characteristics of Blue lotus absolute essential oil, which is an important Absolute essential oil. You can also try out this rare product and feel its benefits. Try to take advice from some good aroma-therapist before using this product.

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