Different kinds of Floral Absolute oils that are boon for human health

Today, with people inclining more towards the natural and herbal products, the use and acceptance of these products have eventually increased in various parts of the world. People now trust herbal products considering them as more healthier and profitable when compared to man-made products. And this is so true. If you look at these products and use them, they are soothing and give a sense of natural touch. This way at least you get one step closer to the mother-nature. There are many herbal and natural products available in every category from bath products to cosmetics.

Like people tend to use natural essential oils while massaging. Same as with absolute oils. If we talk about absolute oils, these are the oils that are extracted from the plant products. They are quite expensive but tend to give a lot of benefits than it’s worth. Floral Absolute oils are generally used as they are extracted from the petals of a plant. They have a soothing smell and comes in a range of varieties. And that is why they are mostly available in the perfume industry and others. Some of the floral absolute oils are:

Green Tea Absolute oil

Green Tea as we know is a famous drink consumed in many parts of the world. It is said that green tea helps to prevent and treat diseases such as maintains cholesterol level, manages mental alertness, protects from skin burns, etc. Likewise, green tea absolute oils are used in perfumery and they create a soothing aroma around you.

Cocoa Absolute oil

Cocoa Floral Absolute oil is extracted from the cocoa plant. The cocoa seed from the plant is first to make dried and then is fermented to extract the cocoa absolute oil. This extracted oil is made a thick dark color liquid such as you see in chocolate syrups. It has some amazing properties from managing indigestion to skin cell nourishment. It is often used in cosmetics too. People tend to apply the coffee on as one of the face mask ingredients.

Rose Absolute oil

As the name suggests, Rose Absolute oil is extracted from the petals of rose flower. It is often used in perfumery. This absolute oil has a rich aroma and it is said that the concentrated extract is 10 times less than the actual rose extract. You must have seen these oils being the ingredients in bathing soaps or detergents. Even they are widely used in cosmetics.

Champaca Red Absolute oil

This absolute oil has been originated in India and other parts of Asia as well. It is extracted from the Champaka tree and it is considered to be the most revered absolute oil today. The Champaca Red Absolute oil is mostly used in perfumeries for its very good smell. The flower from which the oil is extracted is known as Nag Champa and used to revere the Lord Vishnu.

So far, these are generally used and widely considered absolute oils that pose different qualities of themselves. And that is why with so many benefits, people tend to purchase them and feel positive about their usage.

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