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Jasmine Sambac Floral Absolute Oil

Jasmine Sambac Floral Absolute Oil

Jasmine Sambac Floral Absolute Oil

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  • Botanical Name: Jasminum sambac
  • Product Code: HV-FAO-14
  • Aroma: Incredibly intense floral, musky aroma
  • Plant Part: Flowers
  • Colour: Dark brown yellowish liquid
  • Production method: Solvent Extraction
  • Application: Perfumery, cosmetics & spa, aromatherapy, fragrances
  • Available: Yes

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Jasmine Sambac Floral Absolute Oil 

Botanical Name: Jasminum sambac
Common Name: Jasmine flower absolute, Chameli
CAS #: 91770-14-8
Plant Parts Used: Flowers
Extraction Method: Solvent Extraction
Color & Odor: Dark brown yellowish liquid with an incredibly intense floral, musky aroma 


Jasmine Sambac absolute is derived in the course of solvent extraction method from Jasmine Sambac concentrate. Jasmine sambac is a beautiful plant which has incredibly intense smell that is highly floral, muskier and more masculine.


Methyl anthranilate, benzyl alcohol, indole, linalool, skatole..

Uses & Benefits:

Jasmine Sambac absolute is influential natural aphrodisiac, it is recommended especially to that person who lacks confidence. 

Jasmine Sambac absolute is highly recommended by aroma therapists for combating negative emotions like anger, jealously, suspicion etc. 

Jasmine Sambac absolute is widely used in strengthening contractions relives uterine pains and aids in post- natal recovery.

Jasmine Sambaca absolute is hormonal balancer and is broadly used for skin care. It is used in the treatment of eczema, dermatitis etc.

It is used in high class perfumery and fragrances.


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