How the Alpinia Galanga rhizome can act as a boon for your health?

Galangal or Alpinia Galanga rhizome is a member of the Zingiberaceae, also known as Laos root, Kah, Galanga or Siamese ginger. It is one among Natural & Ayurvedic Herbs, which looks similar, but tastes different, being from the same family as Ginger. The peppers of Galangal are sharp, almost citrus, while the ginger is fresh, spicy and not so sweet. The galangal skin is smoother and lighter than ginger and its body is far harder. It cannot be rubbed like ginger can but must be finely sliced or crushed before it can be used.

Major Benefits of Galangal

Alpinia Galanga rhizome health benefits include combating inflammation, reinforcing the immune system, increasing sperm and motility, protecting against cancer, being a natural antimicrobial, good for the skin, supporting the digestive system, boosting the brain’s health, helping to decrease blood cholesterol levels, combating respiratory problems, improving the heart’s health, being in your arsenal of beauty and helping with nausea.

Arab and Asian healers have used galangal for thousands of years, for a good reason, as food and medicine. With the food industry, galangal has reached the West and is now used throughout the world. Some of the common health benefits of Galangal are discussed below:

  1. It supports the fight against inflammation

The anti-inflammatory force of Galangal is linked to calm inflammatory conditions in the whole body in addition to helping prevent premature ageing. Inhibitors of prostaglandin synthesis, anti-inflammatory gingeroles are important, which make some experts to believe that they can help arthritis patients.

  1. Reinforcing the Immune System

Vitamin C and more than 12 antioxidants including alpine and galangin are provided by Galangal, which boosts immunity. In fact it is the best product that can enhance the immune system in humans.

  1. Sperm and motility are increased

Galangal is an aphrodisiac and is usually used by South-East Asians in menstrual treatments. Further research is needed, however, a study showed that ethanol extract from Galangal increased spermatogenesis for rats considerably. In addition, a daily addition of pomegranate juice and galangal root has also been shown to triple the sperm motility.

  1. Cancer Protection

Galangal belongs to the Zingiberaceae family and also to ginger, peat and cardamom. Their antioxidant and anticarcinogenic properties make this group of plants phytochemicals related to cancer prevention. Galangin has been shown to fight against chemical genotoxicity as a flavonoid present in galangal. The self-destruct mechanism that the body uses to kill dysfunctioning cells, is also associated with galangin. Scientists claim that the galangal root is effective against cancers of the stomach, skin, pancreas, breast and liver.

  1. Natural antimicrobial

Studies show the potential to inhibit bacteria, yeasts, fungi and parasite from dried and fresh galangal rhizomes in essence oils.

  1. Good for skin

We are aware that antioxidants promote skin health, but when skin is aging, galangal may actually be able to turn the clock back. In a study in healthcare products, scientists have shown that galangal extract boosts the production of hyaluronic acid. Surprisingly, there was a reduction in smile lines, increased skin radiance and skin density in the participants. Eczema, burns, itchiness and fungal infections are also removed in Galangal. Galangal also aids skin rejuvenation with a healthy dose of vitamin C.

  1. Better Digestive health

The galangal fibre helps maintain good intestinal health and normal bowel conditions. Galangal thus lowers the secretion of salivary and digestive acid soothes the GI tract. For ulcerative patients this is particularly beneficial. Galangal has been used to help with gas and cramping, constipation and even stop hiccups in Ayurvedic and other Asian alternative medicine.

  1. Improving the brain health

Some of the galangal nutrients are connected with a healthy brain and better awareness, plus protection from depression. Evidence also shows that this spice can slow or prevent the onset of neurodegenerative disease by reducing beta-amyloid plaque deposition in the brain.


Thus, we have seen in detail, the key benefits of Alpinia Galanga rhizome. You should try out this herb and feel the difference yourself. In fact this herb is among the Natural & Ayurvedic Herbs which are beneficial to human health to a great extent.

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