What is Adhatoda Vasica and how it can prove useful for human health?

Adhatoda Vasica is also known to be a potent Natural & Ayurvedic Herb that enhance the respiratory system. Some common names include, ‘Malabar nut’, ‘Adhathodai’ in Tamil, ‘Vassa’ in Telugu and ‘Arusha’ in Hindi. The plant has many curative properties and is an ultimate remedy for many health abnormalities such as breathing problems, cough and cold, nasal congestion, sore throat, asthma, bronchitis, and other diseases.

Vasaka is a tall, evergreen, Natural & Ayurvedic Herb that comes not only from the Indian subcontinent but also from Nepal, Sri-Lanka, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia and China. It is known by the botanically known name Adhatoda Vasica. The plant is filled with yellow, lance-shaped bark, white and purple flowers and capsular fruits.

Vasaka’s nutrient content

Vasaka is known as a natural expectorant and consists of a large concentration of bioactive components such as vasicine, luteolin, carotene, other alkaloids and essential oils. The leaves are rich in chemicals such as tannins, saponins, alkaloids, flavonoids and phenolics. With strong anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory features, the plant is useful for a variety of therapeutic indications such as high respiratory infections, tuberculosis, cardiac problems, constipation, dengue, etc.

Vasaka’s health benefits

The host of bioactive components of Adhatoda Vasica helps to pacify the Pitta dosha (i.e. fire and air) and Kapha (i.e. ground and water).

Cough & Cold Remedies

Recurring coughs and congested throat can make you feel tired and exhausted, preventing you from sleeping quietly. Vasaka is highly useful for the treatment of common cold, coughing and inflammatory symptoms. It has an anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and expectorant properties. The use of Vasaka also reduces the chest and nasal traffic jams and stops excess sputum. Asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis and other respiratory diseases can also be treated effectively by it.

Vasaka is a strong stimulant to the digestive system. The herb’s carminative and appetite stimulating properties help to break up food particles of the intestines and stomachs, promote the secretion of digestive juices so that essential nutrients are absorbed by the intestines. It also eliminates abdominal gasses and reduces abdominal distension, bloating and gas cramps in turn. It provides a wonderful treatment for many gastrointestinal diseases including esophagitis, dyspepsia, heartburn, and diarrhoea.

Blood Cleaning

As a powerful cardiac tonic, the herb is extremely important for blood purification. It improves blood count effectively, manages blood pressure, and therefore prevents a variety of cardiovascular disorders. Anti-coagulant properties also prevent blockage and growth of heart block clots in the arteries.

Infection Prevention

Vasaka is the perfect solution to prevent the diverse infections due to its abundance of anti-microbe, antibacterial and antiseptic properties. The biologically active components boost immunity and prevent bacterial infestation. In this way, it reduces the risk of different bacterial or fungal infections such as fever, tuberculosis, dengue, etc.

Curing the Ulcers

Blue Vasaka is known for its anti-ulcer properties. In different parts of the body, it plays an essential role in reducing sores and ulcers. It helps also to treat bleeding and provides a powerful remedy for peptic and duodenal ulcers.

How to use it?

By boiling it in water, prepare the decoction of Vasaka leaves. Drink this daily to avoid different respiratory diseases.

Side Effects

While the incredible ayurvedic herb is not reported to be adverse, consult a doctor before taking herbal medicine, if you have a certain chronic illness or before you are pregnant.


Treating asthma, the treatment of cold, high blood pressure, digestion, improved immunity and relief of sore throat are all health benefits of this wonderful rejuvenating plant. During the flu season take advantage of Adhatoda Vasica to prevent various infections in your body. Thus, we have seen in detail, the key benefits of Vasaka, which is among the best Natural & Ayurvedic Herbs.

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