How the Frankincense Essential Oil Can Boost your Body Immunity?

For thousands of years, essential oils are used as part of the aromatherapy practice due to their therapeutic and healing properties. They come from plants known for their health properties, such as from leaves, stem or roots of plants. Frankincense essential oil is a common type of aromatherapy essential oil, which can provide several benefits to your health, including relief of chronic stress and anxiety, reduction of pain and inflammation and increasing immunity. In the fight against cancer, Frankincense is used potentially.

How do I use the Frankincense essential Oil?

Frankincense Oil is either inhaled or absorbed in the skin by mixing it with a carrier oil, like coconut oil or jojoba oil. It is thought that the oil transmits messages to the brain’s limbic system, which influence the nervous system. One should avoid oils that are ‘fragrance oil’ or ‘perfume oil,’ since these can be synthetic and do not provide the desired health benefits. Look for the most high quality oils instead, like “pure essential oil” or “100 percent essential oil.

Benefits of Frankincense essential Oil

  1. This oil can help to lower stress and negative emotions. When inhaled, the heart rate and high blood pressure are reduced by frankincense oil. It has anti-anxiety and anti-depression abilities but has no negative side effects or it do not cause unwanted drowsiness, unlike prescription medicines.
  2. This essential oil can help in boosting the function of the immune system and prevent illness. Studies have shown that frankincense advantages extend to immune enhancing abilities which can help to kill dangerous bacteria, viruses and even cancers.
  3. It can be used for your skin, mouth, or home to prevent germs. This is why many people choose to use frankincense oil to relieve oral health problems naturally. Its antiseptic properties can help prevent gingivitis, bad breath, cavities, toothaches, and other infections.
  4. Several research groups have found that frankincense oil has promising anti-inflammatory and counter-tumour effects when tested in laboratory based on studies on animals. It may help combat cancer or treating chemotherapy side effects
  5. The harming Germs and Bacteria can be killed by Frankincense essential Oil and it has an antimicrobial effect as an antiseptic and disinfectant agent. It can naturally remove cold and flu germs from the body.
  6. The combination of frankincense oil with other oils has been found to be particularly effective for pathogens in a study. These oils have synergistic and additive properties when exposed to micro-organisms such as Cryptococcus and Pseudomonas
  7. The signs of aging can be easily removed by using this oil. Frankincense includes skin enhancement, tone improvement, elasticity and defence against bacteria. The skin can be toned and lifted, scars and acne can be reduced and the injuries can be healed by using this oil. The effects of deformities, scars, or marks associated with pregnancy, and dry or cracked skin can also be removed by using this essential oil.

Thus, we have seen that Frankincense essential Oil is one of the Pure Natural Essential Oils that has immense benefits. You can also try out this oil and witness its benefits.

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