Increase immune strength by essential oil therapy in winter

Care of body during winter

The human body constantly searches for its comfort everywhere. But during winter, our body needs somewhat more attentiveness. Inside the human body, several mechanisms are running in which the mechanism of the immunity system is one of the most important.

Have you ever noticed why your body mainly becomes sick in the winter season? Why do your noses start bleeding? Why does your body feel more uncomfortable during the winter season? This happens due to the weakening of the Immune System of your body. Bleeding of the nose is the first symptom of lowering the Immune System.

Human Immune System

The Immune System consists of many organs, cells, and proteins. The human immunity system plays a vital role in our body. They protect the human body from many outside harmful substances like germs, viruses, etc. The Immune System of our body builds cells that destroy many toxic substances like bacteria, toxins, viruses, etc. Some other factors like stress, improper sleep, nutritious and regular diet also affect our Immune System.

The human body needs various vitamins (like vitamin C, vitamin D, etc.) to live healthily. Vitamin d is essential for our health, and it is very crucial for our health. Sunlight is the most significant and direct source of vitamin d. But in the winter season, we can’t receive the proper amount of sunlight which affects our Immune System directly.

Care of Immune System by Essential Oils therapy

There are various ways to make our Immune System healthy and fit for our body. But Essential Oils therapy is one of the best practices that will enhance humans’ immunity power during the winter season. Essential Oils therapy helps a lot to fulfill the requirement of vitamin d inside the human body.

Essential Oils have specific fragrances with some biological properties for medicinal purposes. Essential Oils consist of many therapeutic and organic compounds, including ethers, carbohydrates, aldehydes, alcohols, and ketonic compounds.

Using Essential Oils invigorates the Immune System of the human body. They also have features of eliminating harmful bacteria and viruses from our body, making our Immune System healthy during the winter season. Different Essential Oils have other characteristics, and they help fight viruses and bring comfort to our bodies.

Five best Essential Oils to use during winter

After researching a lot about the features and importance of Essential Oils, we are suggesting some of the best and Essential Oils that you should try once.

  • Rosemary Essential Oils
  • Clove Essential Oils
  • Tea tree Essential Oils
  • Lemon Essential Oils
  • Eucalyptus Globulus Essential Oils

Rosemary Essential Oils

Rosemary Essential Oils have the properties to act as an antibacterial, protecting our body by eliminating harmful bacterias from the human body. Using Essential Oils helps cleanse and smooth the human mind. They also provide relief in the feeling of anger and exhaustion. Rosemary Essential Oils reduce the cholesterol level from our body which enhances the Immune System of our body.

Clove Essential Oils

Clove Essential Oils are made up of trees of clove. Oils from the clove trees are produced through steam distillation from flower buds of the clove. Clove Essential Oils have a warm and spicy aroma. Clove Essential Oils increase the numbers of some special cells and proteins, which increases the immunity system of human beings.

Tea Tree Essential Oils

Tea Tree Essential Oils is a pale yellow color and has a camphoraceous odor that consists of various phytochemicals. Tea Tree Essential Oils mainly consist of terpinene-4-of, which provides boosts to our Immune System.

Lemon Essential Oils

Lemon Essential Oils is made up of natural ingredients from the peels of lemons through a “cold-pressing” process in which peels of lemons are pricked and rotated to release oil. They are one of the most refreshing Essential Oils, which uplifts and promotes freshness in our surroundings. Using Lemon Essential Oils raises the production of lymphocytes in the cells, which increases the power of our Immune System.

Eucalyptus Essential Oils

Eucalyptus globulus is a primary source of the eucalyptus oil extracted by the steam distilled process, resulting in colorless, strong, sweet, and woody scented liquids. Eucalyptus Essential Oils help clear the throat and the nasal tract of mucus and congestion. These Essential Oils have strong antiseptic properties and are anti-inflammatory, which provides strength to our immunity system and fortifies our body.

Cautious while use of Essential Oils

  • Always prefer to Don’t to use Essential Oils directly on the skin.
  • Always make use of Essential Oils after guidance or counseling with doctors.


Taking some extra care and regular checkup of the body helps us in living fit and healthy. In winter seasons, using Essential Oils Provides strength to the Immune System of our body.

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