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Quince Fruit

Quince Fruit

Quince Fruit

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  • Botanical Name: Aegle-Marmelos
  • Product Code: HV-NAH-18
  • Aroma:
  • Plant Part: Fruit
  • Colour:
  • Production method:
  • Application: Medicinal & Cosmetic
  • Available: Yes

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  • Botanical Name : Aegle Marmelos
  • Family Name : Rutaceae
  • Common Name : Bael, Quince, Apple Wood, Holy Fruit Tree
  • Habitat : Found all over decidious forests in india.
  • Product offered : Fruits, Fruit pulp

Uses : The fruit is rich in riboflavin and is used in numerous products like candy, squash, toffee, slab, pulp powder, and nectar. 

It is antiscorbutic, carminative, alternative and nutritive. It is used in constipation, dysentery and diarrhoea. It is aromatic, astringent, cooling, febrifuge and also acts as tonic for heart and brain. Unripe & half-ripe fruits are used to improve appetite and digestion. 

Quince pulp can be made into different refreshing drinks, after being sweetened. 
Ethanolic extracts of Bael fruit have also been used to treat animal chronic fatigue syndrome, reducing anxiety and increasing locomotor activity in some clinical studies. 



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