Acorus Calamus


    • Botanical Name : Acorus Calamus
    • Family Name : Araceae
    • Common Name : Calamus, Sweet-flag, Sweet Root, Bach.
    • Habitat : North temperate and subtropical regions upto 2200m altitude in himalayas.
    • Product offered : Dried Roots


Uses :


 It is nauseant, stomachic, anthelmentic, stimulants, emetic, expectorant, carminative, antispasmodic and nervine sedative. It is used in incense sticks and dhup and is widely used as insecticide for lice, bedbugs, worms etc.

It is used internally in the treatment of digestive complaints, bronchitis, sinusitis etc.

It is also used externally to treat skin eruptions, rheumatic pains and neuralgia.



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