• Botanical Name : Boerhavia Diffusa
    • Family Name : Nyctaginaceae
    • Common Name : Punarnava, Hog Weed, Pig Weed, Horse Purslane, Tar Vine
    • Habitat : Grows as common weed
    • Product offered : Roots


Uses :


 According to Ayurveda Boerhavia is bitter, anaemia, cooling, heart diseases, astringent to bowels, useful in biliousness, blood impurities, leucorrhoea, asthma, alternatives etc.

Roots are used to treat gonorrhea, all internal inflammation and edema. Roots stimulate the emptying of the gallbladder, as a diuretic, for all types of liver disorders (including jaundice and hepatitis), gallbladder pain and stones, urinary tract disorders, renal disorders, kidney stones, cystitis, and nephritis.



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