Labdanum Essential Oil


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Labdanum Essential Oil




Labdanum Oil is a product obtained through steam distillation of crude gums resins of Labdanum shrub. Obtained from Cistus ladanifer plant, labdanum belongs to Cistaceae botanical family. Labdanum is a sticky brown resin and the plant is one of the species of rock Roses.


Uses & Benefits:


    • Labdanum oil is anti- microbial, antiseptic, astringent, expectorant and emmenagogue.
    • It is widely used as fixatives and is considered useful in the preparations of skin care products especially for mature skins with dry skin or wrinkles.
    • Due to such properties Labdanum oil is widely used in aroma therapy.
    • Labdanum oil is helpful in curing dysentery, catarrh and diarrhea.
    • It is also helpful in the treatment of cancerous tumors and ulcers.
    • Its blends are also used as massage oil and are even diluted in baths for getting relief from coughs, colds and scrofulous skin issues..

Labdanum Essential Oil Specification:


Botanical Name:  Cistus Ladanifer
Common name:  Cistus oil, ladan, ambreine, European rock rose
Origin:   India
Mode of Extraction:  Steam distilled
Parts Used:  Resin, leaves & twigs
Note Classification:  Base
Appearance:  Yellow brown to brown clear liquid
Organoleptic Properties:   Dry, woody amber, balsam, spicy odor
Refractive Index at 20 °C:  1.490 – 1.510
Specific Gravity at 20 °C:  0.865 – 0.890
Solubility:   Insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol and oils
Storage:   Well closed in air tight containers away from sunlight and heat preferably in amber color glass containers
Blends With: Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Pine, Clary Sage, Cypress and Vetiver
Constituents:  Ledene, allo-aromadendrene, 1,5-cis-aromadendr-9-ene, viridiflorol, 1,2-dehydroviridiflorol, ledol, palustrol, cubeban-11-ol, copaborneol, ambrox etc.



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Labdanum Essential Oil
Labdanum Essential Oil