Safflower Carrier Oil


Botanical Name: Carthamus tinctorius

Common Name: Safflower seed oil, Sallflower oil

CAS #:  8001-23-8

Plant Parts Used: Seed

Extraction Method: Cold pressed method

Color & Odor: Pale yellow to yellow liquid with typical and characteristic aroma


Description : 


Safflower is a highly branched, herbaceous, thistle-like annual plant. It is commercially cultivated for vegetable oil extracted from the seeds.




oleic acid, linoleic acid, Linoleic acid, Stearic acid, lecithin, tocopherols, carotenoids and waxes


Blends With : 


Almost with all other Oils


Uses & Benefits:


    • Safflower Carrier Oil is heavily used in manufacturing, massage therapy, and to a lesser degree, as a carrier oil in aromatherapy.


    • Safflower Carrier Oil is easily absorbed.


    • Safflower oils use as a supplement, it is also used in cooking, salad dressings and other culinary applications.


    • Safflower oil is used in skin care formulations that treat dry and damaged skin. Safflower oil is moisturized and soothing to skin.




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