• Botanical Name :¬†Asphaltum punjabianum


    • Common Name : Shilajit, Asphalt


    • Habitat : Himalayan region, Nepal


    • Product offered : Purified Resin





Uses :


It is belived that it is used for:



    • Facilitates brain function


    • Contains fulvic and humic Acids


    • Helps bones to heal


    • Strengthen immune system


    • Stabilize blood sugar


    • Increase libido and sexual function by increasing nitric oxide production


    • Contains at least 85 minerals in ionic form


    • Decrease pain and helps injuries


    • Anti-inflammatory


    • Strengthens nervous system


    • Assists ability to focus


    • Purifies blood


    • Liver and kidney detoxification


    • Increase strength and endurance


    • Supports metabolism and weight managment


    • Mitigates effects of fatigue by supporting mitochondria and increasing ATP


    • Helps lower cholesterol and triglycerides








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