Ylang Ylang Hydrosol


Botanical Name: Cananga odorata

Common Name: Ylang Ylang floral water


Plant Parts Used: Flower

Extraction Method: Hydro Distillation

Color & Odor: Colorless clear liquid with Characteristic Ylang ylang flower odor

Essential Oil Content: >0.025 %


Description : 


Ylang Ylang is a native of Indonesia & Philippines and is distilled from ylang ylang flowers that are yellow in color and freshly picked in early morning.




Benzoic Acid, Linanool, Geraniol, Eugenol, Safrole


Blends With : 


Bergamot, Sandalwood, Melissa & Jasmine


Uses & Benefits:


  • Ylang ylang hydrosol makes a unique base for aroma blends for bedtime.
  • In skin care it is prized for its balancing toner effects for combination or oily skin.
  • Having high therapeutic value, the derived extract finds application in baths as well as in massage based applications.



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