What is Bhringraj Carrier Oil and how is it useful?

Bhringraj carrier oil is a Natural Carrier Oil which is extracted from the Bhringraj herb. This Bhringraj herb is a medicinal herb, which is very useful in having healthy hairs. The oil which is extracted from Bhringraj plant has similar properties to the herb and is considered very nourishing for hairs.

Benefits of Bhringraj Carrier Oil

Some of the important benefits of the Bhringraj carrier oil are as follows:

  1. This oil is useful in promoting hair growth among males and females.
  2. The problem of acute hair loss can be easily solved by the regular application of this oil.
  3. The hair thinning and hair greying problems can also be treated effectively by applying this oil regularly on hairs.
  4. Soft and smooth hairs can be obtained by the application of this oil.
  5. The problem of shedding of the hairs is also solved by the use of this product.
  6. This oil has calming effects as well. One can apply this oil before sleep and can have a nice sleep in the night.
  7. Stress and anxiety can be reduced by applying this oil on the head and having a little massage.

Properties of Bhringraj Carrier Oil

The oil comes in a bottle and looks greenish yellow in the bottle. When the oil comes out it looks like a clear liquid. The smell of this carrier oil is like mild herbal smell which is very pleasant. The texture of the oil is light and it feels like a very light oil. The consistency of the oil is also great, which means it is neither too thick, nor too runny.

The Bhringraj carrier oil can also be used in form of a serum. That is this oil can be used post washing the hairs. The dry hairs can instantly be moisturised by the use of this oil. Along with the properties favourable for hairs, this oil also aids in the calming of mind and getting rid of the stress.

Application of Bhringraj Oil

The Bhringraj Oil is a carrier oil, which means it acts as a carrier for different natural essential oils. Hence the proper usage of Bhringraj oil involves the mixing of this carrier oil with an appropriate natural essential oil. For example, this Bhringraj Carrier oil can be mixed with Virgin Olive Oil for the best results. The combination of Bhringraj Carrier oil and Virgin Olive oil can help to have strong and nourished hairs.


Thus, we have seen the key benefits of Bhringraj carrier oil and other important aspects related to it. If you also want to have healthy and nourished hairs, you can try out this oil. This formula also helps you in getting rid of extra stress and anxiety that is faced due to the busy routines and fast life. You can also try out this Natural Carrier Oil and witness the effects yourself.

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