Ajowan Seed Oleoresin 


Botanical Name: Trachyspermum Copticum

Flavour: A characteristic aroma and sharp taste

Solubility: Soluble in oil, insoluble in water

Plant Parts Used: Seeds

Extraction Method: Solvent Extraction

Color & Odor: Pale green oily liquid with characteristic aroma

Shelf Life: 18-20 months under the specified storage conditions.

Description : 


Ajowan oleorisin represent overall flavor Profile of spices. It comprises of volatile essential oil and non volatile resinous fraction comprising taste components. Oleoresin of ajowan is pale green oily liquid with characteristic aroma and sharp taste attribute.




Primarily contains 35 – 60% thymol, p-cymine (10-16%), a-terepinene (10-16%), ß-pinene (4-5%) and dipenene (4-6%)


Uses & Benefits:


Ajowan Seed Spice Oleoresin is widely used for food preparation as a spice.
It has antiseptic, germicidal, and digestive property.
It has numerous medicinal uses; Oleoresins of Ajowan seeds are traditionallyused in curing various digestive problems and help in improvement of appetite



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