Aloe Vera Gel


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    • Botanical Name : Aloe barbadensis
    • Family Name : Asphodelaceae
    • Common Name : Aloe
    • Habitat : South and south western india
    • Product offered : Gel




Aloe Vera is a typical species of Succulent plant. It is a stem less plant, having very short stem, growing up to 100 cm and spreading offsets. Leaves of Aloe – Vera plant are thick, fleshy and green in color or grey green. Boundaries of leaves are saw- like and consist of small white teethes. Aloe- Vera gel has numerous cosmetics and therapeutic uses.


Uses & Benefits:


Aloe Vera gel has soothing, moisturizing andhealing properties and hence, it is widely used in cosmetics and therapies.Aloe Vera gel helps in relief from abrasions, cuts, rashes and sunburns.

Apply aloe vera gel directly to damaged or diseased gums to reduce inflammation, pain, and to promote healing. Include aloe gel in dental hygiene regimens to help fight tooth decay and reduce plaque.

Aloe Vera Gel also contains magnesium lactate and helps to relievesinus and chest inflammation caused by allergies.

It is also used for sunburns, insect bites, scrapes, and scratches. Aloe Vera leaves gel stops the bleeding of minor cuts easily. It moisturizes the skin and adds to its elasticity. It compensates the lost collagen and repairs the damaged skin tissues. It fades away the white lines or the marks and gradually removes them. It fights against the skin allergies and heals all the wounds. It is an excellent choice to get rid of the wound & burn marks that are formed in around 5 years or so.


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Aloe Vera Gel
Aloe Vera Gel