Cajeput Essential Oil




Cajuput oil is extracted from Melaleuca cajuputi of the Myrtaceae family and is also known as white wood (from the Malaysian word kayu-puti), weeping tea tree, and weeping paperback.

Cajeput oil is made from leaves and twigs of Cajeput tree or Paper bark tree through Steam distillation method. Tree of Cajeput is found in hotter regions of Australia. It has mix characteristics of Tea tree and Eucalyptus.


Uses & Benefits:



    • Cosmetically it is used in many fragrances. It is used in soap to keep freshness.


    • Cajeput oil is in many massage oils. When applied topically it can actually stop the spread of certain bacterias.


    • In the world of henna tattooing the oil is used to darken the stain in the tattoo, and give it that rich dark color.


    • It Helps in muscular pain and stiffness to subside. It can be applied externally to muscles used as a rub helping ease rheumatism and arthritis.


    • It is also helping with common cold symptoms, it helps reduce fever, alleviate  coughs, headaches, and breaking up of mucus.


    • Cajeput Oil has been used in massage oils, chest rubs, throat lozenges, gargles, tonics, perfumes, laundry products, soaps, pain relief of muscles.


    • It is also used in some food products for flavoring.



Cajeput Essential Oil Specification:


Botanical Name:  Melaleuca Cajuputi


Common name:   Juniper Oil


Origin:   Indonesia


Mode of Extraction:  Steam distilled


Parts Used:   Leaves & Twigs


Note Classification:   Middle


Appearance:   Colorless or somewhat yellowish appearance


Organoleptic Properties:  Strong, slightly sweet, Eucalyptus like, camphoraceous odor


Refractive Index at 20 °C:   1.4670 – 1.470


Specific Gravity at 20 °C:   0.910 – 0.919


Solubility:   Insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol and oils


Storage:   Well closed in air tight containers away from sunlight and heat preferably in amber color glass containers.


Blends With: Cedarwood, Clove Bud, Labdanum, Origanum, Rosemary and Thyme.


Constituents: Cajeputene hydrate, eucalyptol, cajuputol, solid terpineol



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