Frankincense Hydrosol


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Frankincense Hydrosol


Botanical Name: Boswellia Serrata

Common Name: Frankincense floral water

CAS #: N/A

Plant Parts Used: Resin

Extraction Method: Hydro Distillation

Color & Odor: Light Yellow with Characteristic frankincense odor

Essential Oil Content: >0.025 %


Description : 


Frankincense Hydrosol is extracted from a small much-branched tree having thick stems and smooth, papery bark. It has a fresh terpeny, green lemon-like aroma that makes it excellent tonic and skin toner.




Limonene, a-pinene, phellandrene


Blends With : 


Sandalwood, geranium, pine, lavender, bergamot, neroli, orange, cinnamon, basil, camphor, jasmine, vetiver, myrrh, rose.


Uses & Benefits:


  • Frankincense Hydrosol water is an excellent tonic & skin toner that makes it ideal for mature skins.
  • It is also claimed to have rejuvenating qualities and is used in bath, shampoos & moisturizers .



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Frankincense Hydrosol
Frankincense Hydrosol