Hyacinth Floral Absolute Oil 


Botanical Name: Hyacinthus orientalis

Common Name: Hyacinthus absolute


Plant Parts Used: Flowers

Extraction Method: Solvent Extraction

Color & Odor: Reddish-brown to dark brown or greenish-brown, viscous liquid with an intensely sweet, green, floral odor


Description : 


Hyacinth is small bulbous flowering plant that belongs to Asparagaceae botanical family of Hyacinthus orientalis. It is native of Mediterranean region but is also grown in many parts of various countries.




Benzyl alcohol, benzaldehyde, cinnamyl alcohol, phenylethyl alcohol, benzyl acetate, benzoic acid, benzyl benzoate, methyl eugenol, eugenol, hudroquinone.


Uses & Benefits:


  • Hyacinth floral absolute oil find usage in high class perfumery mainly oriental and floral perfumes.
  • It is used in shower gels, perfumes, facial and room sprays, muscle gels and creams.
  • It is a nice alternative to synthetic fragrance oil as it has a beautiful sweet, floral-green and honey aroma.



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