Neem Carrier Oil


Botanical Name: Azadirachta Indica

Common Name: Neem seed oil, Margosa oil

CAS #:  8002-65-1

Plant Parts Used: Seed

Extraction Method: Cold pressed method

Color & Odor: Pale brown liquid with rich, earthy and green musty smell


Description : 


Neem is a medium sized to large tree characterized by its short straight trunk, furrowed dark brown to gray bark and dense rounded crowns of pinnate leaves.




Margosic Acid, Nimbin,Nimbidin, Nimbinin, Kaempeerol, Azadirone, Quercursertin, B – Sitosterol, Praisine,Vanilic Acid, Nimbicetin and Meliacins


Blends With : 


Almost with all other Oils


Uses & Benefits:


    • Neem is a herbal remedy for the medication of fever, gastrointestinal disease, skin disorders, respiratory disease, intestinal parasites, immune system disorder and yeast infections in pets and many.
    • It may inhibit the development of viruses and prevent them from entering and infecting cells.
    • Neem oil is an appropriate herbal remedy for numerous skin disorders like acne, eczema, psoriasis, scabies etc. It is widely used for production of cosmetics like medicated sops, facial creams, nail polishes, nail oils, shampoos, conditioners etc.
    • Neem oil helps to control common pests like white flies, aphids, scales, mealy bugs, spider mites, locusts, thrips, and Japanese beetles, etc
    • Neem oil contains several compounds which have proven medicinal and agricultural uses of high value.



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