Chilli Seed Essential Oil




Chilli seed oil is prepared by the means of steam distillation of seeds of chili pepper which is the most intense source of spice. This type of chilly is hot pungent variety of capsicum and is cultivated in Central and South America.


Uses & Benefits:


    • Chilli seed oil is used in various therapies and medicine. Oil contains capsaicins which act as topical analgesic agent and is helpful in managing arthritis pains and herpes zoster pain.
    • It is also beneficial in the treatment of diabetic, neuropathy, headaches and post mastectomy pains.
    • Essential oil of chilly seeds is often recommended by aroma therapists. It is also used as analgesic, as an anti- inflammatory and is a good aid for digestion.
    • Chilli seeds essential oil is also used as nutrient dressing for cold dish, chafing dish, samovar or savory strew.


Chilli Seed Essential Oil Specification:


Botanical Name:   Capsicum annum L
Common name:  Capsicum
Origin:   India
Mode of Extraction:  Steam distilled
Parts Used:   Seeds
Note Classification:   Base
Appearance:   Viscous dark red liquid
Organoleptic Properties:  Hot, spicy odor
Refractive Index at 20 °C:  1.455 – 1.495
Specific Gravity at 20 °C:   0.895 – 0.935
Solubility:   Insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol and oils
Storage:   Well closed in air tight containers away from sunlight and heat preferably in amber color glass containers.
Blends With:  Chili Seed is not typically blended with other essential oils
Constituents:  Capsaicin, capsicina, capsanthin, oligoalimenti, lecithin, Vitamin C and flavonoids



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