Coconut (Virgin) Carrier Oil


Botanical Name: Cocos nucifera

Common Name: Virgin Coconut Oil

CAS #: 65381-09-1

Plant Parts Used: Drupe

Extraction Method: Cold pressed

Color & Odor: Clear when liquid, white when solid & Slight coconut scent odor




A creamy white solid fat that is solid at room temperature, it melts into a very thin liquid immediately on contact with the skin. It has the pleasant smell of coconut, and absorbs fairly quickly into the skin.




Lauric acid, Myristic acid, Palmatic acid, Caprylic acid


Blends With : 


Almost with all other oils


Uses & Benefits:


    • This oil is the preferred oil for direct use as an emollient on the skin and hair, and for its ability to impart lather to other oils in quality cold-processed soaps.


    • It is non-comodergenic and is suitable for all skin types.


    • It is anti- bacterial,anti- fungal and anti- microbial. This efficient carrier oil provides soothing,cooling and calming effects on skin. It is non- irritating and non- sensitizingalso.




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