Sandalwood Hydrosol


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Sandalwood Hydrosol


Botanical Name: Santalum Album

Common Name: Sandalwood floral water

CAS #: 8006-87-9

Plant Parts Used: Woods

Extraction Method: Hydro Distillation

Color & Odor: Colorless clear to yellow liquid with Characteristic woody, musky odor

Essential Oil Content: >0.025 %


Description : 


The Sandalwood Oil offered by us is extracted from the Santalum album of the Santalaceae family, also popularly known as the East Indian sandalwood or santal. Our oil is extracted from high quality Indian sandalwood tree.




Santalol, santyl acetate and santalene


Blends With : 


Basil oil, eucalyptus radiata, peppermint oil and pine oil.


Uses & Benefits:


Sandalwood Hydrosol has innumerable therapeutic usages. It act as tonic for dealing with problems related with immune system and is also effective in protecting wounds, sores, boils and pimples. It is also a good antiseptic.

Sandal Wood Hydrosol is also used in the treatment of internal wounds and ulcers. It balances central nervous system and aids skin against infections.

It is useful in soothing rashes, treats acne and is mild anti- inflammatory.

Sandalwood Hydrosol when blended with Helichrysum hydrosol is used as mouthwash which is good for gingivitis or post dental surgery. Sandalwood Hydrosol and its blends are also used for lifting depression.



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Sandalwood Hydrosol
Sandalwood Hydrosol