Sweet Almond Carrier Oil


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Sweet Almond Carrier Oil


Botanical Name: Prunus dulcis

Common Name: Sweet Almond Oil, Prunus amygdalus

CAS #:  8007-69-0

Plant Parts Used: Seed

Extraction Method: Cold pressed method

Color & Odor: Pale yellow clear liquid with sweet nutty aroma reminiscent of almond kernels, cherry aroma


Description : 


Botanically, Sweet Almonds are called Prunus dulcis and are the member of Rosaceae family which is relative of apricot and peach. Fruit of almond is not a nut but it is classified as drupe. Sweet Almonds tree is not very big; it is small deciduous tree and grows about 10 meters. The leaves of tree are green initially but on maturing, they turn purplish and grey with serrated margins.




Almond oil has various chemical compounds that include benzaldehyde, leucine, valine, phenylalanine, lysine, arginine and hydrocyanic (prussic acid) etc.


Blends With : 


Almost with all other Oils


Uses & Benefits:


    • Sweet Almond oil works well in the treatment of bad cholesterol and isexcellent for skin. It is a good pain reliever and is helpful in the nourishmentof brain and nervous system.
    • Sweet almond oil is used as a moisturizer and as a carrier oil in aromatherapy, It provides minerals, vitamins and proteins that are essential for beautiful skin.
    • Commonly used to relieve itching, dryness or inflammation, this oil is excellent for all skin types.
    • Almond oil is used extensively in making candles, freshen potpourri, in soap making, massage oils, bath oil and also as a perfume body oil.



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Sweet Almond Carrier Oil
Sweet Almond Carrier Oil