What are absolute oils and where they are usually found?

Absolute Oils are highly concentrated essences that are obtained from plant parts, having similar properties of the essential oils. However, it is much more difficult to extract these absolute oils as the method of extraction is very complicated when compared with the natural essential oils. These oils are used extensively in perfumery, and the aroma obtained from absolute oil is closer to that of the original plant product than the aroma from Essential Oils produced through distillation.

Absolute oils are also quite expensive to produce because the plant parts used for producing them usually contains very little oil. For instance, it requires approximately more than 30 roses to produce 1 drop of Rose Absolute Oil. Rose oil, jasmine absolute, tuberose absolute, angelica root oil, orris root oil and orange flower oil are some of the examples of absolute oils that are valuable and poses expensive fragrance and flavor ingredients. One of them is Carnation Floral Absolute Oils. It is extracted from the flower of Dianthus caryophyllus. This oil provides relaxation to the body as well as restores the energy of the body.

Some more examples are:


Historians credit Rose as it is an aphrodisiac, and formulators use its extracted oil to enhance emollients in skin-care products, and aroma therapists use it to balance all the emotions. Rose absolute oil can be used to treat certain ailments as well as health conditions in a more natural and holistic way.


Jasmine is very exotic, floral absolute oil believed to have aphrodisiac properties. It has a sensual calming fragrance which enhances feelings of love and peacefulness.


The Lotus flower is often known as a symbol of awakening. Mysterious but innocently sweet as a fragrance, are two properties provided by lotus absolute.

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