Pink Lotus Floral Absolute Oil


Pink Lotus Floral Absolute Oil; Buy Online 100% pure, natural and organic Nelumbo nucifera & Floral Absolutes Oils. Get Lotus (Pink) Absolute from Herbs Village, India

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Pink Lotus Absolute Oil 


Botanical Name: Nelumbo nucifera

Common Name: Lotus absolute

CAS #: 8024-05-3

Plant Parts Used: Flowers

Extraction Method: Solvent Extraction

Color & Odor: Yellow-orange to reddish viscous liquid with an exotic floral aroma


Description : 


Lotus plant is a rare plant commonly found in India. Since ancient time, lotus is considered as the symbol of spiritual and love.




Alcohol, neferin, lotusine etc.




Uses & Benefits:


Pink Lotus Absolute Oil is used in massage therapy that creates multi sensory in mind and body on several levels.


It is rich in Aporphine due to which it is used in creating the feeling of ecstasy and in promoting the sexual desire.


It is also used for well being, relieving pain and boosting circulation. Due to its floral and refreshing aroma, it promotes calmness and relaxation.


It is used in high class perfumery and fragrance industry.



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Pink Lotus Floral Absolute Oil
Pink Lotus Floral Absolute Oil