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Floral Absolute Oils

Floral Absoltes are unadulterated oily mixtures drawn from plants through solvent extraction. This method of extraction makes absolutes more concentrated than essential oils. Plants also contain certain aromatic oils in a concentrated form which we know as Absolutes. Classically, absolutes are more demanded for preparing perfumery and fragrances besides aromatherapy.

At HERBS VILLAGE mega on-line web-store you will get a wide range of 100% pure & natural Floral Absolutes Oils of excellent quality for perfumery and fragrance preparations. HERBS VILLAGE is one of the renowned name and one of the leading firm, it manufactures and supplies its products to all categories of buyers – Bulk buyers, Wholesalers and Retailers. Some of our best selling high qualtity Absolutes are Rose Absolute, Jasmine Absolute, Frangipani Absolute, Neroli Absolute, Laender Absolute, Lotus Absolute, Tuberose Absolute etc. All our best quality Floral Absolute oils are available at very competitive pricing as per the current market. Besides the rates mentioned at our e-Commerce enabled web store, we have several attractive options for your wholesale and/or bulk purchase needs.

You may write to us at and for your queries and to get the copy of our products’ cataloq.

Floral Absolute Oils

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